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Risk Assessment and Management
– Workplace Safety and Health

This is a key component of the new safety and health management framework under the new Workplace Safety and Health Act. This comes under the purview of the Ministry of Manpower. The WSHA emphasizes the importance of managing Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) proactively, by requiring stakeholders to take reasonably practicable measures that ensure the safety and health of all individuals affected in the course of work.

Three guiding principles of the Workplace Safety & Health frame

  1. Reduction of risks at source by making it a prerequisite that all stakeholders to eliminate or minimise the risks they create;
  2. Cultivating greater ownership of safety and health outcomes by industry; and
  3. Preventing accidents through higher penalties for poor safety management

About the Workplace Safety & Health Act

The Workplace Safety and Health Act has four key features:

  1. Places the responsibility for workplace safety on all stakeholders along lines of control at the workplace
  2. Focuses on Workplace Safety & Health systems and outcomes, rather than merely on compliance
  3. Facilitates effective enforcement through the issuance of remedial orders
  4. Imposes higher penalties for non-compliance and risky behaviour.