Building Intelligence System

Building Intelligence System (BIS) refers to an integrated building infrastructure that facilitates the exchange of information between various building automation modules and the utilities that they are connected to for a better controlled operation.

The establishment of Building Intelligence System (BIS) enables organizations to better manage, monitor and record the various functions and facilities within a workplace on a “smart” platform.

It is a modular system that incorporates lighting control, cold room and air conditioning control, inventory management system, tasks scheduling etc.

The advantages of Building Intelligence System include:

  • Cut down utility energy consumption by switching off certain equipment during breaks or when equipment has reached its optimum.
  • Allow equipment and facilities such as lighting and air-conditioning to be switched off at pre-determined timings.
  • BIS can be connected remotely to authorized Android and IOS smart phones and able to access the system to and operate like the Human Machine Interface (HMI).
  • All analog and digital points can be programme to be logged for records on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis. The capacity of which depends on the system memory and data can be exported to any PC via the internet.
  • BIS will activate email and text messages to authorized personnel in the situations when power supply is compromised.